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Water Trucks, Tanks,Pumps, & Repair Parts

​Water Systems & Trucks

Customized water trucks for every application

Steel water tanks and water tank kits in stock & made-to-spec​

​Water Tank Repairs

Water truck repairs for mechanics & the watering system

Water tank repairs including corrective fabrication "we fix cheap water trucks"

Water Pump Services

Truck, tank & pump maintenance to keep you going

Water pumps and water pump parts for sale in our warehouse in stock.

No Middle Man

Our fabrication and repair specialists are highly skilled, seasoned and knowledgeable fabricators. They have years of experience creating, servicing and repairing water tanks, water trucks and water pumps of all types. We carry virtually every part you could ever need to maintain or repair your tank, truck or pump. We even stock entire water pumps for sale from several industry leading manufacturers. Whether you are looking for a new, in-stock vehicle or tank, something used or a entirely custom designed, fabricated and manufactured T & B Water Trucks has you covered. When you deal with us you are buying directly from the manufacturer, so you save time and money.

Outstanding Craftsmanship & High Quality Parts Make The Best Water Truck Systems 

At T & B Water Trucks, we understand that all water truck systems are NOT created equal, and we know what we are talking about. For over 35 years, we have been an industry leader in the water truck sales, service and manufacturing of all types of water systems. When our customers come to us to build a custom water truck, they are getting the highest quality, best service and reliability on the market.

Our tanks are made with A-36 3/16" steel. We never use thinner or inferior metals. 

Reliability and durability in mind,we are so confident in the quality of the water tanks and trucks we construct and sell that we offer a 1 year no hassle warranty.

We meet and exceed the needs of our very diverse clients including local, state and federal government agencies such as the department of forestry, the entertainment industry, construction, farming and agriculture