Water Tenders

Dependable Fire Tender and Water Tender Trucks 

Water tender trucks, or fire tender trucks are essential tools for fire departments to have in their vehicular arsenals. Water tender trucks are more versatile than full size fire trucks, because they do not require a direct connection to a fire hydrant in order to draw water. This makes fire tenders perfect for fighting fires in areas where a fire hydrant is non-existent. In wildfire situations, a fire tender can even draw water from reservoirs, lakes, rivers or streams, and redistribute it to at-risk and affected areas. ​​We build durable, reliable water tanker and fire tanker trucks for fire departments, as well as local, state and federal governments, or contractors all across the country and world. Therefore, whether you are looking for a new or rebuilt tender/tanker, our expert manufacturing team has you covered.

​High Quality Heavy Duty

Fire Tanker Trucks

Our fire tanker trucks are constructed with reliability, durability and longevity in mind. We understand that fire tanker trucks are under a tremendous amount of stress from the elements. We construct our fire tenders to be resilient to the elements, which means decreased repair costs versus inferiority crafted fire tenders and tanks.

Our high quality manufacturing process includes:

Using 3/16" A-36 Steel in the construction of our fire tender water tanks
3" water tank plumbing standard on all fire tanker trucks
Heavy duty couplings for longitudinal twist while retaining plumbing strength
Flanged heads and baffles for enhanced aesthetics and durability purposes
Doubler plates in between the truck chassis and water tank for increased strength
Spring mounting to significantly absorb shock damage commonly associated with rigid tanker truck designs

​We Manufacture and Service Water Tenders of all Types 

The manufacturing facility at our Rialto, California headquarters is equipped to build water tenders of all sizes and specificities. We can construct brand new water tenders for sale, and even refashion fire tender tanks onto an existing chassis. We also offer comprehensive repair and maintenance services, as well as a wide selection of repair parts for water tenders of all types.

  • If you have an existing chassis, we can construct a water tender tank for it
  • If you are starting from scratch, we offer custom built water tenders for sale
​We can also source reliable used fire tenders for sale to cut costs versus new units