High Quality Steel
Water Tanks& Trucks

We Make High Quality Steel
Water Tanks & Custom Water Trucks 

​This includes a guarantee on the water tanks and water trucks we build, as well as offering ongoing maintenance and upkeep services. These are just a few of the many ways in which we stand out from our competitors--by offering high quality construction, as well as additional services that other manufacturers cannot come close to matching! 

​Meeting the Growing Demand


The demand for water trucks services has never been greater than it is today. This is why we offer our customers so many different types of new and used water trucks for sale. Water trucks serve many industries, businesses and individuals, including:

Television, Motion Pictures and Advertising Companies 
Orchards, Vineyards, Ranches and Racetracks 
Construction, Roadwork and Paving Businesses 
Government and Municipal Agencies 
Private Parties and Residential Communities  
Housing Development Management Companies 
Water and Power Departments 
Roads, Infrastructure, and forestry
Emergency Responders Including Firefighting 

​We Specialize in Transforming a Chassis' into a Fully Customized Water Truck

From making rain, wetting down streets for better lighting, and even fire proofing sets for commercials, television shows or movies, our water trucks quench the thirst for H2O on the spot, and wherever they are needed.